The Principles of Photography (Free)

Austin School of Photography presents this free seminar showcasing the nature and style of our instruction. Come learn the basics of this popular and dynamic medium, from the importance of understanding light to the functionality of your equipment. This class is designed for people who are on the fence about signing up for one of our longer courses, it enables them to experience how we teach first hand.

NOTE: if a session is full, please message us at and we will add you to the waiting list. You still have a good chance of attending as we absolutely expect cancellations.


Dec 8 at 2pm (Saturday Afternoon)*Full*


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Using Your External Flash ($45)

Nothing seems to intimidate students quite like flash. They try to make sense of it by comparing its functions to what they know about their cameras, but flash makes far more sense once you realize that it requires an altogether different set of principles to master it. As long as you understand that you aren’t so much capturing light, but rather you are producing it, you'll find that working with an external flash isn't quite so rough. This seminar walks you through the theory and ensures that you understand not only the proper uses for your flash, but all of its mysterious functions as well.


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